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Watts (W) are used to measure electrical energy. In some cases, this measure RF radio frequency energy output. In this circumstance, "watts" is most commonly applied to the RF output power of wireless A/V transmitters. For these types of devices, a higher number of milliwatts of output power indicates a more powerful (and usually further broadcasting) transmitter. However, "watts" can also be used to measure electrical power consumption. In order to calculate watts, simply multiply the number of volts a device uses by the number of amps it consumes. 1 amp (A) = 1000 milliamps (mA).

Watch-dog timer The automatic reboot of a DVR system whenever a problem is detected.

Wavelets This is a compression technique used to give high compression without degrading the image quality.

WAN Wide Area Network.

Wavelet a mathematical function useful in digital signal processing and image compression. In the Internet communications, wavelet has been used to compress images to a greater extent than is generally possible with other methods such as JPEG or MPEG.

Web Camera (or Web Camera Server) A CCTV Camera with built-in web server computer.

Web Server the computer program (housed in a computer) that serves requested HTML pages or files.

Weatherproof equipment has been specifically designed for safe use in most outdoor weather conditions. However, weatherproof equipment should not be considered waterproof because it is never intended for submersion under water. At the same time, there may also be extreme weather conditions which even standard weatherproof video equipment cannot function properly. Heating or cooling fans are encouraged for these types of conditions. For questions regarding special outdoor conditions, safe operating temperature for a piece of equipment should be consulted.

White Balance Control (WBC) is a built-in automatic OR user-configurable feature of every video camera . This term refers an electronic process used to retain crisp, vivid color saturation in the truest possible hues. The technology balances the image colors against a light colored object in the camera's view.

Wireless Operation refers to "beaming" a video and / or audio signal through the air without wires from a transmitter element to a receiver element. However, wireless equipment DOES still have some wires. All electronic devices need a connection to a power source (input voltage) to function. At the same time, plugs and wires are also necessary to attach a wireless transmitter to a camera or microphone. There will also be wires required to plug the wireless receiver into a monitor or recording device.

Wireless Camera is a term used too frequently in the CCTV, and especially miniature camera, industry. Any product touted as a "wireless camera" is simply a camera integrated with a wireless transmitter. We offer professionally concealed disguised cameras with built-in wireless transmitters, but we do not offer any strictly "wireless cameras." The overwhelming majority of these types of cameras currently available offer only poor quality CMOS video imaging and / or very low range wireless equipment.