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Saturation In colour, the degree to which a colour is diluted with white light or is pure. The vividness of a colour, described by such terms as bright, deep, pastel, pale, etc. Saturation is directly related to the amplitude of the chrominance signal.

Scanning the movement of an electron beam from left to right and top to bottom over a target area used to produce a video signal and reproduce a visual image.

Sensitivity in television, a factor expressing the incident illumination upon a specified scene required to produce a specified picture signal at the output terminals of a television camera.

Sequential Switcher Video Switcher. A device that allows the video signals from multiple cameras to be displayed on a monitor, or recorded on a VCR one at a time in sequence.

Server A computer program that provides services to other computer programs in the same or other computers. Or, the computer that a server program runs.

Spot Filter a small filter placed in the center of one of the elements of a lens to increase the ability of a camera to pass light. These filters are "neutral density" type which do not affect the colour rendition of the lens.

Scanning System refers to the method in which video information is processed for display on a monitor is an interlaced system in which each frame of video is scanned in two fields on a horizontal line. This type of system is called 2:1 interlace video.

SECAM Sequential Couleur A'Memorie, a colour television system used in France, Russia and other countries that do not use either the NTSC or PAL system. It has 625 horizontal scan lines and 25 frames per second.

SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. TCP/IP used in sending and receiving e-mail.

Signal System refers to the basic electrical system frequency a video image is phased on. In the United States and many other places across the world, 60 Hz is the standard for most all types of AC and DC electrical devices (including video cameras and monitors). For this reason, standard NTSC video is phased at a frequency of 60 Hz. PAL format video, on the other hand, has a signal phased at a rate of 50 Hz.

Simplex, Duplex, and Triplex concern the operation of video recorders and multiple camera video processors like quads and multiplexers. Simplex, duplex, or triplex capability reveals the number of device capacities which can be used simultaneously. For instance, a simplex device is only capable of performing one type of task at a time, whether that be recording or playback. A duplex device can perform two simultaneous functions like record and configure the monitor display for a certain close-up view. Triplex devices are capable of three tasks at the same time (usually record, playback, and zoom or other display functions).

S/N (Signal-to-Noise) Ratio indicates the ratio of noise to actual total signal (in a video or audio signal generally speaking). The S/N number measures how much higher the signal level is to the level of background electronic noise, so a higher number means a clearer and crisper picture. Signal-to-noise ratio is expressed in decibels (dB).

Storage Temperature indicates the highest and lowest possible temperature at which a device can safely and effpixelsly be stored or shipped.

Square Board Camera - A square board design refers to a camera with a square shape using a board-style video imaging chip (rather than an inline bullet design). These cameras are usually called "board cameras," though they may have either an exposed board or an enclosed board.

S-Video Transmits luminance and colour portions separately, using multiple wires, thus avoiding the colour encoding process and its inevitable loss of picture quality.

SVHS (Super Video Home System): Super VHS; a higher quality extension of the VHS home videotape format. Switcher Sequential Switcher or Video
Switcher A device that allows the video signals from multiple cameras to be displayed on a monitor, or recorded on a VCR one at a time in sequence.

Sync the part of a video signal which synchronises the scanning of a monitor to the scanning of an image device. There are vertical sync pulses and horizontal sync pulses which are used to keep the timing or start time of the electron beam in proper synchronisation.