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RAM Random Access Memory. The place in a computer where the operating system, application programs, and data in current use are kept temporarily so that they can be quickly reached by the computer's processor.

RCA is a common connector plug for standard consumer video and audio equipment. This type of connector plug may also be described as a "phono" plug. RCA jacks are found on all VCRs and televisions equipped to handle a composite video input. In most cases, RCA jacks are color coded yellow, white, and red. BNC plugs are easily adapted to standard consumer RCA connectors using a simple one-piece plug adapter. All products include the necessary adapters so that users can select either BNC or RCA connections to suit their individual requirements for immediate plug and play use.

RF Frequency is a term used to describe radio signals coming inbound to a receiver or outbound from a transmitter (usually wireless). Radio frequency is a term reserved for radio signals at a frequency of more than 150 Hz.

RF Input Plug indicates the connection interface between pieces of wireless equipment. In most cases, the RF input plug refers to the appropriate plug type for connecting an antenna to a wireless transmitter or receiver.

RF Output Plug indicates the connection interface between pieces of wireless equipment. In most cases, the RF output plug refers to the type of plug coming from a wireless antenna for connecting into the RF antenna input plug on a wireless transmitter or receiver.

RF Output Power indicates the effpixels "strength" of a wireless transmitter's audio / video signal. Generally speaking, RF output power (in combination with RF frequency) has a huge effect on the range one can expect from a wireless transmitter. Transmitters with higher output power (operating on the same frequency) will in most cases deliver a longer distance wireless broadcast range. All wireless link transmitters have been selected to feature high RF output power for consistent long-range wireless performance. RF output power is typically measured in milliwatts (mW) or watts (W).

Realtime (or real time) refers to video recorded at the same speed as action occurs (so it may be played back at the speed of real time without drag). Realtime video is phased at 30 frames per second (60 fields per second) for NTSC video and 25 frames per second (50 fields per second) for PAL format equipment. Basically all VCR recorders record realtime video, but MOST digital DVR recorders do not. DVR systems capable of both displaying AND recording realtime video for seamless recording of important action.

Receiver can refer to two different devices for CCTV. Wired receivers are used to demodulate video for extended video runs of more than one hundred and fifty feet. These receivers convert a video signal (and potentially a power and / or audio signal) from an RF radio frequency signal into composite video for TV display and recording. A transmitter at the opposite end of the wiring first modulates that signal into the RF frequency before sending it to the receiver for decryption. Wireless receivers similarly demodulate video (and sometimes audio) from an RF radio frequency, but this signal is "beamed" from a transmitter through the air without wires. A wireless transmitter sends it video images back to this wireless receiver. 900 MHz, 2.4 GHz, and 5.8 GHz wireless transmitters broadcast to matching paired receivers tuned to the same frequencies. 434 MHz transmitters are made to broadcast to any "cable ready" television or home VCR on channel 59 of the CATV band (i.e. a standard television or VCR with built-in tuner serves as the wireless receiver). Because wireless equipment can be quirky (just like cell phone or TV reception), high quality and professional wireless receivers are recommended. The wireless receivers all use FM modulation (more consistent and reliable than AM) and high gain standard antennas to help ensure fewer breakups in crucial video than substandard wireless link systems.

Receiver Sensitivity indicates the sensitivity of a wireless receiver in picking up a good reliable signal from the matching wireless transmitter using the stock antenna. Sensitivity measurements of -75 dB and lower indicate very high gain potential for a wireless receiver.

Recording Media refers to the magnetic storage device used to store recorded video. For many analog recorders this is a tape cassette, but DVR recorders use HDD hard disk drives. CDs and DVDs can also be types of media used to record digital video.

Recording tvres refers to the maximum number of horizontal lines of tvres a VCR or DVR video recorder is capable of recording. Most consumer recorders do not detect nearly the number of lines of horizontal TV tvres high quality CCD cameras produce. However, using a high quality, high tvres video recorder can yield brilliantly sharp images on playback. VCR and DVR video recorders have been selected for the highest tvres recording available for CCTV equipment.

Remote Control is a device used to control the features of a piece of equipment without physically adjusting anything on the equipment. Some products feature a wired remote control. This allows a user to control many functions remotely, but this controller must be plugged directly into the device. Other products can be used with a wireless remote control. These types of controllers allow the user to adjust functions remotely. The information is "beamed" wirelessly to the device using an IR infrared signal from the controller.

Remote Playback is a feature of many DVR video recorders. This allows users to play back recorded video over the internet from virtually any computer in the world.

Remote Viewing is a feature of many DVR video recorders. This allows users to monitor CCTV cameras over the internet from virtually any computer in the world.

Remote Zoom indicates the ability to adjust a camera's field of view by remote control. Remote zoom may also be described as powered zoom.

Resolution (TV lines) refers to the maximum number of vertical lines / pixel elements (horizontal tvres) a video camera is capable of displaying on a monitor or registering with a video recording device. Horizontal tvres indicates the number of pixel elements placed horizontally across each scanning line of tvres (vertical tvres). Horizontal tvres varies based on the abilities of each different camera and each different monitor. Although the number of TV lines of horizontal tvres is generally considered a measure of a camera's level of detail and sharpness, this specification does not always indicate true end video quality.

Retained Image also called image burn. A change produced in or on the target which remains for a large number of frames after the removal of a previously stationary light image and which yields a spurious electrical signal corresponding to that light image.

RF (Radio Frequency) a frequency at which coherent electromagnetic radiation of energy is useful for communication purposes. Also, the entire range of such frequencies.

RG59/U Cable One of coaxial cables suitable for video transmission in CCTV system.

Roll This is a fault condition on a video signal which refers to loss of vertical synchronisation. It causes the picture to continuously move up or down

Router device on the Internet that determines the next network point to which a data should be forwarded

RS-232 Port A communication port with 15 pins.